June 29, 2022

Tribune Project & general giving updates


Tribune Project and general giving update

This weekend in gatherings, we gave a financial update including the latest giving for The Tribune Project and general fund. That update in its entirety can be found on our podcast, but here are some of the highlights for January through May of this year:

General Fund giving YTD – $241,783
Total giving (includes funds like The Tribune Project, care, and city action) YTD – $959,361
Budgeted expenditures YTD – $354,167
Actual expenditures YTD – $341,527

# of total donors YTD – 251
# of general fund donors YTD – 193
# of new donors YTD – 57

Tribune Project pledged and one-time giving: $1,727,959.62
Tribune Project actual giving TD – $737,489.89

Some notes on general fund giving:

  • Overall giving – which includes giving to The Tribune Project – is very strong, but our giving to our general fund is down. We have always operated with a financial cushion for such circumstances, but in our budget process for our July 2022-June 2023 fiscal year, we are making some significant cuts with the general fund giving and current budget deficit in mind.
  • We are sharing this to be transparent with the financial status of the church and not as a form of manipulation or guilt, and we don’t see these numbers as a reason to panic. We review our financial giving status regularly with the staff and board of directors so we can spend wisely and within our means, and this spring quarter is no exception.
  • If you would like to hear more of our thoughts about giving and generosity, you can check out our teaching on “A different kind of conversation about church and giving.”

Some notes on The Tribune Project:

  • We have received preliminary approval for our loan of $2.5 million and it looks like we will be able to stay at the 5% rate that we started with at the beginning of the loan process.
  • We are wrapping up the due diligence period and we have done environmental inspections that have all come back clean.

If you’d like to contribute to The Tribune Project via a pledge or one-time gift, or if you’d like to contribute to our general fund (which supports our budgeted expenses like operations, personnel, and ministries), please visit

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2:05 p.m. – Ballgame versus the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers

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Sabbath week – NO GATHERINGS July 3
DON’T FORGET: There will be no gatherings THIS SUNDAY, July 3. We’ve put together a list of listening recommendations from teachings, a liturgy, and a bonus video from last fall’s Studebaker Talks! We hope you find rest during this gathering break!

A Different Kind of Conversation About Church and Giving –
A Sacred Conversation: Rooted Faith, Changing World –
A Sacred Conversation: Sexuality –
Bible Rehab: Jesus Centered Book –
Our First Experimental Gathering –

The Lord’s Prayer Liturgy –

BONUS: Welcoming Newcomers with Friendship (Andrea Cramer’s Studebaker Talk):

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