December 5, 2023

Tribune Project Update (New Neighbors)


From the earliest stages of the Tribune Project, many of you have asked about the future of the south half of the block, where the older Tribune building that’s connected to our building stands. The University of Notre Dame has just acquired the property. Officials from the university reached out to us a while ago and gave us the chance to learn about their plans as they developed their 10 year strategic framework. While there is still uncertainty as to how the building will be occupied, Notre Dame has been very clear on working together to help South Bend thrive. In fact, they recently announced a 10 year strategic framework which includes the following:

“This strategic framework is the first in Notre Dame’s history to use the words “South” “Bend” and “Indiana.” In the modern knowledge economy, the advancement of any global research university is wedded to the capacity of the surrounding community…

The promise of these efforts depends on building genuine partnerships with local governments, companies, schools, and other nonprofit organizations. It is now clearer than ever before that for Notre Dame to thrive, the South Bend region must also prosper. And a more prosperous South Bend strengthens Notre Dame.”

As you know, we’ve been hard at work with our downtown neighbors, including other faith communities, city officials, and business leaders, to understand and contribute to a vision for the neighborhood that serves the common good. We’re grateful for the university’s interest in being a part of those conversations, too. We’ll continue to keep you updated on our work to ensure that the Tribune becomes a place for the people, and we’re excited to welcome and work with our new neighbors!

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